Paul's CombosĀ 

Hamburger Combo
Double Burger Combo
Cheese Burger Combo
Double Cheese Burger Combo
Bacon Burger Combo
Cheddar Bacon Burger Combo
Blue Cheese Bacon Burger Combo
Chilli Burger Combo
Double Chilli Burger Combo
  California Burger Combo
California Delux Burger Combo
Mushroom Burger Combo
Ortega Burger Combo
Avocado Burge Combo
Turkey Burger Combo
Feta Burger Combo
Garden Burger Combo
Colossal Burger Combo

our menu


Kids Meals


Side Orders

Served with Kids Drink & Fries    
Choice of:
- Jr Burger
- Hot Dog
- Grilled Cheese
- Corn Dog
- Chicken Strips(2pc)

- French Fries
- Onion Rings
- Chili Cheese Fries
- Zucchini
- Mushrooms
- Twister Fries
- Feta Fries

Mexican Food



- Ground Beef (on a Hard Shell)
- Fish
- Chicken
- Carne Asada


- Carne Asada
- Chicken Asada
- Bean & Cheese
- Paul's Beef Burrito Supreme


- Cheese, Chicken or Carne Asada


Served with Beans & Rice
- Carne Asada & Chicken Taco
- Taquitos plate (4pc Beef or Chicken)
- Taquitos (3pc Beef or Chicken)


Choice of dressing: 1000 island, Blue Cheese, Italian, Honeymustard, Ranch, Greek
Tuna (Solid white Albacore)
Chicken Caesar
Gyro (Chicken or Seasoned Beef & lamb)

Healthy Choice

(Charboiled chicken Breast, Rice, Cottage Cheese & Salad)

Taco Salad

(Choice of Ground Beef, Chicken, or Carne Asada)


Plates served with French Fries & Choice of Salad or Coleslaw

Fish n Chips (3pc with a Roll)
Chicken Strips plate (4pc with a Roll)
Club Sandwich plate
Pastrami Sandwich plate
Steak Sandwich plate
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich plate


Broased Chicken Dinner

(4pc Broasted Chicken, 2 Broasted Potato
Wedges, a Dinner Roll)
French Fries & Choice of Salad or Coleslaw

Gyro Sandwich plate

(Choice of Chicken, Beef & Lamb)

Greek Chicken

(Half Chicken, Pita, Rice or Fries,
Choice of Salad or Coleslaw)


All made with 100% Beef

Double Burger
Cheese Burger
Double Cheese Burger
Bacon Burger
Cheddar Bacon Burger
Blue Cheese Bacon Burger
Garden Burger
Feta Burger
Chili Burger
Double Chili Burger
Colossal Burger
Mushroom Burger
Avocado Burger
Turkey Burger
Jr. Burger
Paul's California Burger (Gilled Sourdough Bread)
California Deluxe (with Bacon & Avocado on
Grilled Sourdough Bread)


Served with Choice of White, Wheat, French Roll, Rye, or Sourdough Bread with Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato.
Philly Cheese Steak
Pastrami (Mustard & Pickles on a French Roll)
Patty Melt (Served with Grilled Onions)

Chicken Breast (Served on white or Wheat)
Fish (Served on a Bun with Tarter Sauce)
Tuna (solid white Albacore)
Tuna melt
Gyro (Chicken Breast or Beef & Lamb)

Hot dogs

(Fresh 100% Hebrew National)

Paul's Beverages

Pepsi, Diet pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr.Pepper, Ice Tea, Raspberry Ice Tea, Sierra Mist, Mug Root Beer, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Orange Bang, Lemonade, Horchata

- Coffee
- Milk
- Orange Juice
- Hot Cocoa & Hot Tea

- Hot Dog
- Chili Cheese Dog
- Corn Dog

Shakes & Floats

Oreo, Reeses, Butterfinger, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry

Breakfast Specials

Breakfast not served at Los Alamitos Location

Hungry Paul's

3 Hot Cakes, 3 Eggs any style with Choice of Bacon & Sausage

French Toast Combo

2 Eggs any style with Choice of Bacon or Sausage

Breakfast Sides

Home Fries
Hash Browns
Biscuits & Gravy
Pita Bread
Toast or English Muffin

Off the grill

French Toast
Hot Cakes (4pc)
3 Hot Cakes & Eggs

Country Breakfast

2 Eggs any style, Served with Bacon or Sausage & Biscuits & Gravy

Egg Sandwich & Breakfast burrito

Breakfast not served at Los Alamitos Location

Egg Sandwich
Ham & Egg
Bacon or Sausage & Egg
Polish Sausage & Egg

Breakfast burrito

Choice of: Sausage, Bacon, Ham, or Chorizo

Mexican burrito

Eggs, Potato, Cheese, Salsa

Breakfast taco

Eggs, Cheese, Salsa
Choice of Bacon or Potato


Served daily till 11.00 am, Weekends & Holidays till 1.00 pm

Breakfast not served at Los Alamitos Location



Served with Hash Browns or Home Fries & Choice of Toast with Butter & Jelly

- Plain
- Cheese
- Ham & cheese
- Chorizo
- Denver
- Greek
- Chili
- Veggie

Breskfast plates

Served with 3 Eggs, Choice of Hash brown or Home Fries & Choice of Toast with Butter & Jelly

- 3 Eggs
- Bacon & Eggs
- Sausage & Eggs
- Polish Sausage & Eggs
- Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs
- Ham & Eggs
- Steak & Eggs
- Huevos Rancheros - Served with Beans & Tortillas